Friday, June 19, 2009

The Universe Is All Connected

Every little piece of the universe is connected to every adjacent little piece of the universe and there are no discontinuities. Not even the Masters of Boskone. Which makes it all connected, albeit there may be a gazillion degrees of separation between one little piece and another.
So if anyone tells you "You can't get there from here," you can angrily retort that Vanda disagrees, and Vanda is never wrong. So there.
Like this morning, the groundskeeper at the courthouse was sweating like to rain. His monochrome blue work shirt had become two tone. Light about the shoulders, dark sleeves and back. He was so wet with sweat that you could tell what brand of soap he used if you were anywhere downwind.
And one day in 2001 there were 7 men at the top of Guadalupe Peak in Texas, none of whom knew any of the others, and all of whom were sweating like to rain. BUT THERE WAS NO SMELL OF SOAP.

Suddenly I'm Prescient!

Last night I awoke at 2:30. I had been dreaming that Fender Tucker, one-time editor of Loadstar, had donated his woodcut of the Secretary of State handing the Emancipation Proclamation to President Lincoln to the Library of Congress. And that the LOC had put it at the tail-end of their online "American Freedom" exhibit.
Then when the clock-radio turned on at 6AM with the news playing they were announcing that today many Americans were celebrating Emancipation.
I Think Not!
I Think Not Either!
Because I WAS looking at a LOC exhibit a day or two ago. And I DID talk with Fender yesterday on the phone. And it WAS in the news yesterday that Congress officially apologized for that slavery incident from the 1500s through the 1800s. I may even have known deep in my hind-brain that Juneteenth was the 19th of June, living as I do just a few miles from the border of Texas.
But it FELT like prescience until I remembered all those pre-dream triggers.
I guess I'll put my career as a psychic back on hold.