Friday, October 3, 2008

HPC 2008 RTM!

That's the straight dope from Microsoft. It would have been nice if somewhere in the news release they had mentioned what the acronyms mean.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sometimes A Cut-Endian

Funny. When it comes to Subway, I'm a cut-endian! Also, if I cut my own sandwich, I start on the cut. There seems to be quite a variety of rules involved in where I take the first bite.

If I fold, I start on the fold, but only on the round end. Which makes me a Folded Round-Endian as well.

And I seem to be a Top-Uppian, too. If it's on a bun, I never hardly ever turn the bun top to the bottom before biting.

Neither Fight Nor Flight

Peter and I were walking home to the parking lot after work last night. We waited at an intersection for the traffic to clear or the light to change. I was watching the wrong light and in my perennial drowsiness got my signals crossed somehow, starting across the street while traffic was still coming down the road at something like 80 feet per second. I saw a pickup truck bearing down on me, with the likely result of pancakedom, so I picked up my feet and ran the rest of the way across the street, avoiding collission.

But no adrenalin flowed.

Now, why would anyone have a close call and not trigger a fight or flight response? It doesn't make sense, unless the adrenal glands are shot or the little thingummy in the brain that is supposed to trigger them is kittywonker.

Mebbe I'll ask the doctor.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Frederate THIS

From a chat session today...

THEY: Who/what is Channel Frederator?

ME: Somehow affiliated with Nickelodon Network, they are an animation clearinghouse. Many of the best young upstarts in animation - and not just computer-animation - submit their work for weekly podcast publication. Usually as entertaining as I can stand. Sometimes disturbing. Occasionally boring or too cute to bear.

The Coming Employsion

I look forward to recessions because they are followed by employment explosions, or as I call them, employsions. You get the best of all possible worlds - a long, agonizing period of unemployment... then a brief window of opportunity to get a low-paying job doing something you hate that you're not properly qualified to do. And then your VPN quits on you and you're isolated like a bear on a drifting floe.

I'm A Round-Endian

Today I discovered that I am, though I don't want to be one, a round-endian. I want to be a square-endian. I would much prefer to be one. After I get a round-end start I proceed with the squarest sharpest parts rather than continuing with the round parts. But I find myself fighting a desire to start on the square end because it's easier. Instead, contrary to my inclination, I always start at the round end because it is proper.

Who would have thought eating a sandwich could be so complicated?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There Is No Cause For Alarm

Our fire lighting just came on and the stairwell fans started up. Building security assures us there is no reason to be alarmed.

Tomato Soup Is Horrible

I went down to the restaurant which shall be nameless and ordered their lunch special, Tomato Basil Soup.

It's horrible. Tastes like tomatos with basil. A bowl of meatless spaghetti sauce. Putting crackers in it didn't help a bit.

Ah well. I knew I didn't like tomato soup. But it's the special! How could I resist?

A Little Vomit Goes A Long Way

I was brushing Twitch this weekend. He doesn't much like it. After 5 minutes he threw up on my lap. "How to train your master in 1 easy step."

I think he has very sensitive skin.

No wait. It wasn't Twitch. Twitch has been dead 14 years. HIS hair would come out in clumps. It was Spike.

Twitch was a 95 pound shepherd-collie. Very long flowing hair. Spike is a 75 pound purebred shepherd. Reasonably short hair.