Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where O Where Did Midi Mapper Go?

Today while I was Rhapsodying Santana's Black Magic Woman Peter challenged me to find it performed on harpsichord. Not one to balk at a challenge, I did a quick Google search but only found more Santana and some garbage links.

But I remembered back in the mid 90s that I used to reassign the instruments in midi files - I just didn't remember how I had done it. A little more googling reminded me that I had used the Windows 3 program Midi Mapper. But that program hasn't been available since Windows 95!

MIDI Eddie (Found it at does the trick, though. Provides a nice studio-style control panel for repurposing the instruments and the mix.

Ahh, the satisfaction of rising to a challenge! Nyaah, Peter!

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