Thursday, October 16, 2008

They All Start With a Vowel

I just realized this morning that every single Pig-Latin word starts with a vowel.

What an amazing statistical improbability!

My fave PL Phrase for Today:
"Ourfay orescay" (That's 'four score' not 'four cores' - no way to tell except for the z sound of the s in cores.)
Fun to say!

The End of an AC

The end of that old AC unit came yesterday. Even with chain lube and WD-40 slathered all over the fan the bearings finally froze up good and for all. Perfect timing. Today's high will be 60 degrees F.

So out come the scissors and I lops off the power cord. I give the window a little lift and - clunk - the AC falls off the house.

I'll pick it up after the rain clears.