Monday, August 3, 2009

Blogger Is Too Spam Smart

A moment ago I tried to quote a spam-message in my blog in order to make witty MST3K-style commentary about it.

Blogger blocked the posting.

Now, I appreciate anti-spam policies as much as the next recipient of endless spam come-ons. But when the policies start preventing you from even talking about the spam, well, that strikes me as taking it one iteration too far.

But what the heck, Blogger is a free service and for my money they're entitled to set up any rules and filters they want.

Come to think of it, this gives me an easy way to find out whether any particular email is spam. Just automatically forward all my mail to my blog. Any mail that doesn't show up was a spam message Google already knows about. Only ---- how many times can I post known spam messages before Blogger concludes I, myself, am a spammer? I know now that it is more than one. But is it less than two? I don't even dare to find out.