Friday, November 14, 2008

Antibiotic In A Blanket

They taste horrible, those antibiotics. Slinkie won't eat 'em and I'm not comfortable pushing my hand down her throat yet to make her swallow them.

So I wraps each antibiotic tablet in the dregs of a ham I recently cut up (Dregs: chunks of fat, connective tissue, skin, nordic turf, etc) and feeds her them. I give her a couple unsullied dregs first to get her gulping 'em good. Then I throw her the antibiotic in a blanket. It goes down in a gulp. Then maybe one or two more just so she doesn't catch on to refuse the last one because it will taste somehow off. Yes, she's that smart.

World of Warcraft Bots!

I hear tell that WOW doesn't want people using bots to operate their sessions.

I hear tell that the military (the one from the "military/industrial complex") is creating bot soldiers and using WOW somehow to test their training.

Does WOW have the carcajadas to enforce their anti-bot policy when the violator has big bazookas? My breath is abated in anticipation...

I'm So Happy

Oh, so happy
I feel happy
Not crappy

I don't understand it.

Backyard Rabbits

I walk in my yard and I see no rabbits. I see no rabbit tracks. I see no rabbit droppings. "I crowche downe too ye grounde but fynde nor spoore nor scent."

But when I let the dogs out, their first stop is always a scatter of droppings.

I think they watch the yard all day to see where the passing herds of rabbit do their business. Nothing else for them to do. If I was a dog locked behind a fence all day, I'd be bored enough to bark at passing joggers, too.

4915, the Magic Number

Because 4 + 5 = 9 and 9 + 6 = 15!

Nearly A Coma

It was last night. Instead of stopping at a drive-thru or going home for supper I shopped and bought a movie. While I was shopping, blood sugar plummetted. I drove to a restaurant, but I was reeling. Felt like I might pass out. I've never had such a sugar-hit before. Wolfed the meal and in a few minutes I was OK. Since I don't necessarily feel anything until I measure in the 35 m/D range, I must have been quite a lot lower than that. Almost a medical emergency, averted by Coke and fries.

Lesson for the day: Don't break your routine. Ever. It keeps you alive.