Friday, May 8, 2009

Whatever Happened to Gabel-Risdon

In case you are wondering what happened to Gabel-Risdon Creamery, the Gobles News of Gobles Michigan reported that in 1932--

"Gabel-Risdon and Belle Isle Creamery companies of Detroit were merged January 1 to become the Borden Farms Products company of Michigan, C. Rowland Risdon, president of Gabel-Risdon, has announced. Both companies are owned by the Borden company of New York.
"Mr. Risdon will be president of the new concern. Adrian M. Heyboer president of the Belle Isle company, will be vice president and general manager; Norbert J. Roder, executive vice president; Herman Koelz, vice president; W. A. Foster, vice president, and C. E. Stowe, secretary-treasurer."

I reckon I don't have to tell anyone what the current status of the Borden company is.

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